API endpoint that exports a budget CSV file?

I was wondering if anyone would find value in an API endpoint that mirrors the functionality of "My Budget -> Export Budget"? I was thinking it could be something like the following:

GET /budget/exports

My use-case is that I would like to run a cron job / scheduled task to automatically backup my budget to Dropbox on a weekly basis.

Something like the above would certainly save some time and give me some peace-of-mind, not that I don't trust the devs :)

Any thoughts?

Edit: Just noticed there is a separate Feature Requests link. Since this is already posted, is there any way to mimic this functionality using the existing API? Thanks!

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  • Hey Cadet Blue Clarinet ! There should be a way to mimic an export using the API. You could build your own CSV file using the GET /budgets/{budget_id}/categories and /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions endpoints.

    Let us know if you decide to try that and how that works!

  • This is a great idea. If there was an API like that you could load it automatically in your Google sheet. For example with the IMPORTDATA function. You'd need an endpoint like:


    Where the guid is secret so the owner can choose who to share the link with.

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