I did a Fresh Start.  I got PAID 1 day early, on October 31, so I used that to create my budget.  But, now that we have moved into a new month..the app is disregarding ALL of the money I budgeted in my categories.  Of course, it shows the money as "available" but I guess because of the new month, do I need to REBUDGET?  Just when I think I am catching on.....

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  • Once you budget money to a category, it rolls over from month to month until you spend it or move it to another category. The Budgeted and Activity columns reset to zero every month. When you get NEW income, you will budget it to your categories. Until then, just enter your spending transactions as they happen, referring to the Available balances in your categories to guide your spending. If you need to spend more than you have Available in a given category, move money from a lower-priority category. 

  • So, even though the amount budgeted says ZERO...I just leave it like that?  It is also saying I have the $$ amount of my paycheck that needs to be budgeted.  Maybe because my accounts are recorded that as incoming money???  Should I delete that?  Or just leave it up there "To be budgeted"??

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      Orange Snow you really sound like you need to get the basics.  I recommend a getting started class.

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    • Orange Snow If you've budgeted that paycheck already in October, it shouldn't still be visible in To be Budgeted at the top of your budget. Please get in touch with support if you'd like us to take a look—we're happy to help!

  • Hi, if you budgeted your Oct 31 pay in October, no budget amounts will show up in the budgeted column of November. If you wanted to use the Oct 31 pay for November, you needed to make sure you were in the November month to do all of the budgeted. 

    If that is the case, you can simply reset all of the budgeted amounts in October to zero. That will move all of the budget back to TBB. Then, you can budget all of the money in November. Or, you can leave it as is because the money is in the available column as leftover from the previous month.

  • The budget column is how you add (or take away) money for <whatever> purpose. When you get more money, you'll need to allocate it at that time.

    Definitely checkout some of the getting started materials or free classes/walkthroughs. Much about YNAB is very different than a traditional budget (but perhaps that's why many find it far more effective).

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