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Hello I have received interest payments from my bank investments ( very and I mean very small amounts) this is being used to reinvest the new amount into another investment period.  But YNAB is prompting me to categorize these payments which I don't want to do because they aren't to be used in my everyday budget.  Thanks again for all your wisdom.

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  • To be budgeted is the category and then you need to budget the money to your investment line. 

    although it sounds like these investment accounts should be off budget

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  • Thats what I was thinking is there a way to do this easily?? Putting these to off budget.

    • Lee2lee There are a few steps involved, but if you already created those investment accounts as on budget accounts you can recreate them as Tracking accounts.

      You'll first want to create a new account (it will need a slightly different name than the original) with a zero balance.  In this case, you'll want to create a Tracking account.

      After creating the new account, go to the original account and select all the transactions. Click Edit, and then select Move to Account, and choose the new account.

      Keep in mind that you might have some adjusting to do in your categories. And remember that undo button just in case!

  • Thanks this will take a while I already goofed things up!!

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