Small Wins

 I have always struggled with keeping my own budget. I never trusted the budget I had or the process. Over the last four weeks I gave YNAB a real shot. I look at it everyday. And you know what? It does feel freeing. Yesterday I wanted to buy something that I wanted for a while. It was on sale. I didn’t buy it because I checked my budget first. I realized I didn’t have money in the category and I didn’t want to move money from somewhere else. In the past , I easily would have spent the money and figured it out later. I’m proud of myself. I’m one step closer to who I want to be. 

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  • Gray Transistor said:
    It does feel freeing.

    And especially so when you have the money in the category and you can go ahead and spend it. This is a biggie for all the spouses not on board issues. Since the spending is “preapproved” there’s no fights, discussions, guilt, etc.   

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