Small Wins

 I have always struggled with keeping my own budget. I never trusted the budget I had or the process. Over the last four weeks I gave YNAB a real shot. I look at it everyday. And you know what? It does feel freeing. Yesterday I wanted to buy something that I wanted for a while. It was on sale. I didn’t buy it because I checked my budget first. I realized I didn’t have money in the category and I didn’t want to move money from somewhere else. In the past , I easily would have spent the money and figured it out later. I’m proud of myself. I’m one step closer to who I want to be. 

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  • Gray Transistor said:
    It does feel freeing.

    And especially so when you have the money in the category and you can go ahead and spend it. This is a biggie for all the spouses not on board issues. Since the spending is “preapproved” there’s no fights, discussions, guilt, etc.   

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  • That’s not a small win that’s a huge one, go you! (I hope you’ll fund your category for your item soon enough)

    Realising that while you want this thing, it is lower in your priorities than other things (hellooooo delicious food) and then _not buying it_ according to your priorities.... is huge.

    I’m inspired :-)

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    Its a big deal when you know that having $ sitting about, ready to do a job, is a blessing, a relief of anxiety, a warm feeling of preparedness. And the shiny thing one wants now, that *could* be extracted from the bank, can only be got by taking $ away from those jobs and giving away that sense of peace. I'm an impulse spender ('fix it later') and ynab has so changed those impulses.  True priorities win! Your post has reminded me what a blessing that is.

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    • Cirrus I’m also an impulse spender. I think that’s why that moment was such a win for me. I didn’t have to fix it later. I didn’t have to stress about where the money would come from. And the thing that I wanted? I don’t even remember what it was anymore. 

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