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I'm in the process of getting divorced, and there is one credit card account that is still shared between me and my ex.
I zelle him money each month and then he makes the payment.
I'm able to label my zelle payment outgoing to him accordingly, but when he makes the payment, I can't figure out how to label it without screwing up my balances. If I mark it as a payment, it only gives me the options to come out of my account. But since it is coming out of his account (which I don't have access to) it throws my balances out of whack.
Any suggestions of how to handle this?

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  • Inflow categorized as To be Budgeted. It will lower the account balance but not affect the budget.

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      nolesrule said:
      but not affect the budget.

       Which means you will probably have too much in the payment category and need to move the money to other purposes. You have already paid for your share of the CC purchases via the zelle payment. Well, it depends on how you handle the zelle payment. Do you move the money to cover that payment from the CC payment category? Since that's the same money or maybe partly: you pay him your share of the CC payment so you don't need the money tied to the CC payment category after you make the zelle payment.

  • Why don't you just categorize the Zelle transfer as a payment to the CC and bypass all the angst.

    Also:  still sharing a cc with a soon to be divorced Ex?  That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

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