Can YNAB make searches ignore accents?

I use accented characters in YNAB everywhere, e.g. a Payee called "Areté", an account called "Itaú", etc.

I don't think any of YNAB's searches are accent insensitive though, meaning that YNAB searches treat "Areté" and "Arete" as completely different things. We already have case insensitive searches in YNAB (e.g. "bob" matches "Bob"), could we extend this to include diacritic insensitivity? 🙏

I could always make sure I include accented characters in my search queries, but in the same way people ignore case when searching, I hope we can also ignore accents as well.

As a workaround, I've removed most accented characters from my data in YNAB–to allow me to search easily (and lazily)–but it's far from ideal.

See attached screenshots for an example. I could send this to support, but wanted to share here first to see what people thought of this idea. I had a quick search for existing mentions of this and couldn't find any.

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  • I use accents in my budget sometimes, too, and I like this idea! To make sure the right people see it, I've just sent your thoughts to our Product Team.

  • +1 for this request.

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