Started today...mid-month

I linked my bank accounts,

Setup the categories,

Have money in "Ready to Assign"

So what do I do now? Assign money from "Ready To Assign" into categories that are beyond today's date until the end of the month?  And Friday 07/16 is payday again. I'll have more money than bills, assign for August in July?

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  • Yes you assign money to categories. You stop when Ready to Assign is 0. The first question to ask yourself is "What do you want to do with the money currently in your bank accounts?". I would guess some is to pay upcoming expenses (bills, everyday expenses), some is to pay expenses that will come later (annual bills, Christmas, birthdays, vacations, next car, ...), some is to pay for potential expenses (car repairs, home repairs, loss of income...), some is to pay for your dreams (I don't know what you dream to buy but it goes there 😄).

    So you don't just stop for the bills of this month or before the next payday, you also think about what's coming up and what you are saving money for on the very long term. YNAB will have you normalise your savings. That is, for an annual bill, you would assign the same amount to the category every month (or paycheck) so that the total amount due is ready to be sent when it is requested. For long term savings (e.g. your next car), you would use the same process. Put the same amount aside in a category each month year after year until you have the amount you need to buy the next car. Repeat for everything and anything.

    If you have more money than what you need for this month, you may want to send all your paychecks from this month to the next so you can budget 1 month at a time. Check this thread to see some instructions and explanation of the process (and its benefits).

  • You've got it! Assign the dollars you have now for your most immediate needs! You might find this guide on starting mid-month helpful, too 😊

    If you have more than you need for July, you can toggle into August and start assigning funds there - or place the extra in a holding category in the meantime. Let us know how it goes! 

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