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The ending of the Progress Bars video, Hannah showed off a few budgets with cool uses for emojis (colorful / black & white dots)

I was wondering if these were popular YNAB emoji usage? Is there a page that has popular usage for emojis? They look really nice, anyone know what the colored ang b/w dots means?

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  • I love these ideas too! I don't see a lot of the colored dots in budgets - I bet that will increase with Hannah's video though! I do see a lot of the picture emojis (🏠🎉🍕). Such a fun way to spruce up your budget! 

    • Marisa My budget would have colored dots, but I couldn't find any in my list of emojis. I ended up with a balloon and a vegetable instead, because they were the right colors and roundish.

    • Fuzzball Meows Hmmm - did you try the emoji keyboard from a computer? Hannah shows how to access it  here!

      Also: she discusses red/yellow/green in this segment, Quang
      🔴Do not borrow from this category!
      🟡Borrow with caution!
      🟢Borrow with abandon!

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    • But I love the balloon | veggie workaround. That's even more festive. 😊

    • Marisa I don't recall! I'll have to look at that and see if using a computer makes a difference. 

      I'm not sure I'd change it at this point, even if I can find the dots, because I like the balloon and veggie!

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      Marisa ahh i see (red, green, yellow) makes sense. 

      i wonder if the black & white circles are just alternating colors lol

    • Quang I think you're right on, that that's a way to add some contrast when quickly scanning categories 😊

  • I think the colored dots are a great idea.  I'll have to keep them in mind!

    Just two quick notes:

    • If you're trying to find the "right" emoji but your OS's limited search can't seem to find one, try the search over at Emojipedia. 😁
    • I use the scissors emoji (✂) for categories that I split equally between my two paychecks.
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  • https://youtu.be/-QhJSjGIJvs -3 Ways to Organize a Budget - another great video on different ways to organize a budget

  • For anyone who like me went overboard with the emoji and removed the words of the category - DON'T DO it because searching for categories from the desktop  or iOS is more painful. So emoji+words is the way to go. 

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    • Purple Drill 😆I hadn't thought about that - this is a very solid tip!

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