Where did dark mode go on Android?

Hey - I just got the new YNAB update on Android, and it switched my interface to light mode. Is there any way to get dark mode back? I tried looking in settings but couldn't find any display options. I really miss it!

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  • Tomato Lobster Dark mode on mobile is tied directly to the global settings on your phone, so if you enable it on your phone it should reflect in YNAB! 馃槉 For Android:

    • Go to the phone Settings and tap on Display
    • Switch on/off the toggle for Dark Theme
    • Rachel I submitted a feature request too, but wanted to mention it here. I don't know if it's Android, my phone provider, or phone manufacturer, but I cannot turn on dark mode via the system settings during the day. 

      I don't have, and can't find, this "dark theme" you and the rest of the internet mention. 

      I would really appreciate it if the Android app went back to having dark mode as an in app toggle. It's much easier for me to use in dark mode, and since I can't toggle the system settings, I'm forced to use the blindingly bright app during the day. 

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      • Mx Emmin
      • Orchid_Banjo.5
      • 7 days ago
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      Rachel  I dont have something specifically labelled "dark mode", I have "night mode" which is turned on but has not affected my YNAB display at all. What do I do?

    • Rachel I looked high and low for that setting but I think I鈥檓 in this camp too. :( I鈥檇 love to be able to switch this at the app level again. It works great on my iPad, but it seems like my Android phone doesn鈥檛 have a dark mode option in settings.

  • Rachel It would be *fantastic* if we could flip this via a local option within YNAB like we used to.

    • Some users can't control their OS-level light/dark mode setting.  Several sellers and carriers hide this option in their android distributions.  (For those of you suffering right now: that can be overridden by Action Dash, but it's a pretty hefty app if that is the only setting you will use.)
    • For those of us who can control it, the system-wide setting is often tied to too many apps.  For example, I have it change light/dark system-wide based on time of day, because this actually controls the GPS display in my car.  If I change that, my navigation won't be reasonable in bright sunlight.
    • For bonus points, there could be the regular dark theme and a true black one, for those of us who want high contrast while being extra-easy on the eyes.
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      • HedgeMage
      • Tomato_Thunder.11
      • 5 days ago
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      I meant **Action Launcher**, not action dash.  Oops.

    • HedgeMage I love these details! Would you be willing to submit them to our product team as a Feature Request?

      • HedgeMage
      • Tomato_Thunder.11
      • 4 days ago
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      Marisa Sure thing.

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