Manual entry - so easy

Wasn’t sure where to put this but I just wanted to tell YNAB how awesomely easy manual entry is.

Yesterday while running errands we made a last minute decision to order pizza from papa John’s. We ordered online from the parking lot and waited for our order (Ontario Canada is back to semi shutdown so more comfortable to wait in car than in store). 
I opened YNAB on my phone and clicked + to enter the purchase. EVERYTHING was already entered except the amount. I entered the amount clicked save and done. 

This happened because we have been using YNAB for a minute and the (awesome) way YNAB works is that it assumes when you buy something at a store, it will probably be for the same category and the same payment method. Date is also defaulted. We have GEO payees on so it correctly assumed I was at Papa John’s.  (Note - you can manually set up this info in manage payees but why bother. YNAB does it for you) 
Entering that transaction took 3 clicks plus the amount. 

i wanted to post this because 1) way to go YNAB for making my life easy and 2) so many new users complain about import issues messing up their budgeting. When manual entry is suggested there is complaining that is TOO MUCH WORK. It’s not. 

We use bank import and seeing the paper clip when it matches a previously entered transaction  literally sparks joy. And that process highlights any things that slip through either because we forgot to enter (oops) or because it’s an unauthorized charge. 

We started in debt living paycheque to paycheque. One missed recorded expense could break us. So being aware in real time of how much we could spend was FREEDOM. And now, thanks to YNAB we are a month ahead. But we still enter transactions as they occur. Even my husband who I dragged into budgeting. 

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  • Ohh - nothing makes me more proud of myself than when I look at my budget after importing and seeing a long list of transactions with that little chain icon next to them. 🏆

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  • To make it even easier, if you have an iPhone you can set a shortcut to open YNAB by double tapping the back of the phone. Not sure which iPhone this started with (I have an 11) or if there is a comparable feature for Android. . 

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