HELP! I don't know what I'm doing but I really want to

I started mid-Jan and thought that in February by tracking all spending and reconciling accounts, etc. I would have a preliminary grip on our budget and spending. I read some articles, watched a few great videos from Nick True on youtube and thought I was ready to go. HOWEVER, I'm getting it all wrong and I don't know how to get it back on track. My accounts are pretty much reconciled, but my "To be budgeted" amount is wrong and I've spent in categories that I did not yet budget for, but if I budget for them now, it will make my "To be budgeted" amount even less and it's already much less than what's actually in my account. Does anyone know how I can get some help with this? Many thanks!

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  • To be budgetted (TBB) is not what is in your account. That number should actually be 0. Try these videos:


    YNAB for beginners


    How to guide


    Set up


    4Rules (There philosophy)


    Managing Savings Accounts


    They have a channel

  • hi. I think you are trying to do too much, too soon. It starts very basic in the beginning. Some of the things people do are more complex. That being said, the best thing to do is to submit a request to support through the budget app. They will get back to you and even take a look at your setup and see where the problems might be. 

  • And another referral to enable you to make more informed choices: They YNAB video courses,

    I agree with what others have already said, it seems you are attempting to run before you have learned how to walk. For me, I learned a little, waited to see what happens, deal with trouble as it comes up, then learn a little more.

    Stick with this, take it slowly, and you will get ahead.  

  • How many accounts do you have? Are they all reconciled?? 
    Step 1: reconcile accounts 

    step 2: if there’s any red, move money around  

    3: budget. (I have a savings category that I make sure matches my savings balance) then I budget my checking Categories

    track/record as you spend and reconcile frequently 

  • This might be helpful if you want a breakdown of the TBB (To Be Budgeted):

    Not sure specifically what might be the  issue in your case, but future budgeted might be something to check.  As was noted above, you can contact support to help as well.

  • I'm a fairly recent returner to YNAB and sympathise.

    The budget and your accounts are two distinct ways of looking at the same thing: the total amount of money you have now. Both are important but they are not the same thing. That would only be true if you closed all your accounts and had a heap of cash instead, then split the cash up into labelled stacks or envelopes to give "every dollar a job". The total in your envelopes or stacks (budget) would be another way of looking at all the money in your heap. Taking money out of an envelope to spend it would be the same as taking money off the heap. With accounts, you have several different virtual heaps of money, but all those heaps are split into  one set of labelled stacks or envelopes in your budget. When you spend from any account, YNAB takes it out of the budget envelope.

    In YNAB the total amount of money in your budget and its categories should equal the total amount of money you have right now in ALL your budget accounts (not tracking accounts). If you have any money left in "to be budgeted" it means you have more money in your accounts than you have allocated to your budget categories, i.e. you haven't given every dollar you have a job yet. If you give every dollar a job, you should have zero in your to be budgeted but the "total available" (i.e. the total of what is still available in all your budget categories) should equal the total balance of all your budget accounts.

    In other words, what's in your accounts is NOT shown by "to be budgeted" (which is money that does not have a job yet). In YNAB: "total money I have" ( total account balances) = "total available" (money with a job) + "to be budgeted" (money I have not given a job yet).

    I'd echo what others say about asking support: they really are excellent. The YNAB learning materials are very good but support can work with you to understand exactly what you are doing in a way they can't.

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