credit card refund the next month

I've read several threads about this and still am baffled.

Late last month I bought a $30 shirt, budgeted for it, paid the CC. All is good.

Early this month I returned said shirt and got a $30 credit on my card.  I categorized it into my clothing budget. I bought 2 more items for $100 on a different cc.  I've paid the 2nd cc $100 to pay it off.

1) if I only budget $70 in my clothing line, cc 2 says I'm short $30, but cc 1 is correct (balance equal but opposite on the left of YNAB and in the budget.)

2) if I budget $100 in my clothing line, cc 2 is correct and cc 1 balances are not equal - in my budget it shows an extra $30.

What do I do to rebalance everything?

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  • There is a bit of a snafu that can happen when a return on one card funds purchases on another. 

    You'll find that one Credit Card Payment category is short by the same amount that the other has excess (this can be muddied by other factors). But only the two Credit Card payment categories are affected. To get everything back on track, you can move money between your Credit Card Payment categories until each category balance matches your expected payment amount. You will still see an overspending alert in your Credit Card register, that won't likely go away until the new month. AND if you continue to use the category, assign money to it, etc, you may undo the original snafu. 

    TL/DR: make sure you don't have any overspending in your Clothing category, and then to move money between your Credit Card Payment categories to make sure those are spot on. Double check this at the end of the month. 

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