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Hey folks, bit of a gaffe here. 

I started a new job in July and it has a pretty unique expense reimbursements platform. It’s unique in that we are allowed to use our own cards and each expense is submitted individually and immediately, in real time instead of batch. It’s quite fast and nice, but I’m wired the old way. As such, my Reimbursement category just didn’t feel right - amount in debt keeps going up, despite deposits categorized to Reimbursement. I think I know what to do (I’m assigning the reimbursement deposit directly back to the Reimbursement category, but I think I need to transfer directly to the credit card) but that’s not the question!

As I was trying to make sense of this, I went back as far as August and saw I had a full paycheck in green Ready to Assign. But all September and October dollars have been assigned.

What on earth do I do with that August - Ready to Assign balance?


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    Any past RTA has been taken into account already in the current month. Do nothing. 
    Your reimbursements should be categorized to the same category they were spent from. If the month has turned since you spent the money, you will also then need to move the resulting money back to the credit card payment line. But don’t categorize it as income RTA on the card, or your reports will show only your spending and not that it was reimbursed. 

  • That's super information. Thanks @wordtenor!

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