Spending less on groceries

A new personal challenge

I'm at a new stage of my budget  with a new contract over the last two months giving me three times the income I had during lock down last year.     But I've noticed that I'm spending a bit more on groceries and spending over the budget..  Initially I stuck budget, but now I'm stretching it a little bit or buying the groceries a day or two before the new pay cheque (ie. new budget).

I've also noticed that I'm buying a few too many vegetables and I'm wasting a bit more - I used to pretty good at this.      

I'm also thinking that one way to allocate more to Dining Out for some summer socialising (I'm in Australia)  would be to use my Takeaway budget,  

So I'm setting myself a challenge for the next 34+ days (next paycheque is Friday so two pay cycles ) to spend a bit less on groceries and takeaway by shopping my fridge.  

1/ No more than once a week for takeaway or to buy lunch when working from home

2/ Limit purchases mid fortnight (ie during the two weeks) to milk, butter, dog food, onions, tomatoes etc.  and no more meat or perishable veges when there are some left in the fridge - need to refine this

I know I can do this if I keep on top of my meal planning and plan a bit better for nights when I have meetings or am likely to be tired. 

Appreciate any thoughts or tips, or if you'd like to join me. 

PS. I haven't put this in the 34 day challenge as I don't want to stop all unnecessary spending.  @Support please feel free to shift to Journals or Join A Challenge as I couldn't decide which category this went to. 

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  • Sounds like a great start.  You might consider signing up for a meal planning service as well.  Some will keep track of what is in your fridge and pantry and customize/optimize the shopping list to avoid redundancy.

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  • Awesome challenge! I appreciate how you're honing in on one area in which you're seeing an opportunity for fine-tuning. It's a pretty powerful way to make yourself more aware and change any habits you'd like to change.

    I, too, find that those moments when I'm most tired are the ones in which I choose to spend more on take-out or run to the local grocer for craving foods. Selfishly, I'm excited to hear about how you handle that! ;)

    Here are a couple YNAB resources that could be helpful:

    P.S. I moved this post to Join A Challenge just in case others want to join in!

  • I can't speak to food prices in Australia specifically, but global supply chains have been disrupted and unit costs of foodstuffs are likely increasing - just because you are spending more on food compared to the past, doesn't necessarily mean that you are buying a higher quantity of food. So it's not necessarily lifestyle creep if you are spending more.

    That being said, the optimism of buying lovely fresh produce with the good intentions of using it only to be faced with wilted and withered vegetables in your fridge is a real thing. So good luck with that aspect!

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