Coming Soon: Loan Accounts! 馃彟

Hello, fellow YNABers! 

I am very excited to announce that Loan Accounts are rolling out soon! Like many other prior releases, we鈥檙e using a phased approach.

Loan accounts are uniquely designed to help you track your loans and budget for your loan payments. If you have student loans, personal loans, a mortgage, medical debt, or another type of loan, YNAB Loan accounts are here to help you budget for your payments and pay. it. down!

There鈥檚 some pretty slick new stuff built into this feature, including (but certainly not limited to) a debt payoff calculator, which you will mess around with for longer than you anticipate - a girl can dream about paying her mortgage off in five years, can鈥檛 she?!

You鈥檒l also be able to migrate any existing tracking account over, without losing any of your account history 馃檶馃徎

Take the new loan accounts for a spin and let us know how it goes! And as always, use this form to share any feedback you have directly with our Product team. Happy debt-crushing!

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  • On my old tracking account there was a recurring transaction for interest. In the loan account on the web portal there is an estimate of interest, but on my mobile app the interest transaction has appeared on the loan account and is awaiting approval. 

    Why is it different between the two platforms?

    • beige_case_1939d61da8b9 Do you happen to have a scheduled interest transaction? If so, that will show up in the Loan Account register on mobile, and in All Accounts on the web.

      If you do have a scheduled transaction, go ahead and delete it since YNAB will enter interest automatically in the Loan account.

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  • I pay my mortgage on a bi-weekly basis. Will YNAB add that as an option to the Mortgage Loan Account target type? Otherwise, my target will be off 2/12 months per year.

      • SgtBatten
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      • SgtBatten
      • 2 mths ago
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      Taylor L It shouldn't be designed this way in the first place. I could pay $20 a day if i wanted to. or even multiple payments per day every day of the month. The lack of flexibility in this product is beyond belief.

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    • Taylor L That is a great Feature Request, but in the interim, a recurring scheduled transaction should do the trick for you.

  • I had a scheduled payment go through for one of the loan accounts today and I approved the payment on my regular checking account. Now there is a dot next to the loan account that would usually indicate that there is something that needs my approval. There is nothing in the loan account I can interact with to make this go away. What am I missing? I tried updating the balance (because it was off, sadly) but that didn't do anything.

    • Tobias You can clear that by opening All Accounts, and clicking the blue banner at the top to review and approve the scheduled loan transaction(s). Once you've approved those transactions, the dot will go away! 

      • Tobias
      • Toviathan
      • 2 mths ago
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      Marisa That did work, but are there plans to address that? That looks like a bug from my end, or at best a terrible UI decision. If I have a notification on an account, I should be able to address it on that account.

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    • Tobias Glad that did the trick! And I definitely hear you on that - our Product Team would definitely like to hear your thoughts on this!

  • Love the new feature.  All my debt account are now set up this way now. I love having all the information to hand and can see when I'll pay something off easily.

  • I thought I'd got away with having a loan that fit the model YNAB built this for, but despite it appearing to work for a couple of months now, this months payment isn't showing in the fancy dangle interface. 

    I think I'm going to abandon it before switching back becomes too much of a chore. 

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