YNAB "Lite" for Kids?

Would this be an appropriate place to share my sincere desire for a "lite" version of YNAB for kids? I realize I could set up a separate budget within our account, but I don't want them accessing our account everytime they enter something for themselves. A lite version  wouldn't need to connect with other accounts. My kids would have a bank account and maybe a debit card, but I actually would prefer they enter information manually. Maybe a lite version could limit the number of accounts to differentiate it from the full version.

My kids have so few expenses and accounts that it's hard to justfiy getting them their own full-price accounts at this point. But I'd love to get them started.

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  • I have absolutely thought of this too!

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    • psmith
    • 7 mths ago
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    Yes, please!!!!

    And a way for them to take their data when they peel off the family account to their own full-fledged subscription would be superb.

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  • Orange Thunder I don't know how obvious this is, but it's easy to set up your shared YNAB account so that nobody accidentally sees a budget they're not supposed to. In other words, any time my teenager pulls up YNAB on their phone or laptop, it goes directly to their budget.

    Of course, that doesn't prevent someone on your account from viewing or editing your budget on purpose. But if you trust them not to do that, sharing one account can work very well!

    We're also working on some more sophisticated multiuser features that I'm hoping might help a lot in this scenario, but I'm not sure about the details yet.

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    • Matthew I would absolutely love to see a multi-user feature! I know that YNAB is an incredibly family-friendly organization, and as a single mom of an 11 year-old and a 13 year-old who is trying to teach them financial literacy that I didn't learn growing up, this would be a huge blessing. I do not want to give my kids access to my budget, so giving them limited access to one particular budget would be wonderful.

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    • Matthew  hoping you might have an update on this? 

      I had purchased subscriptions for my 2 university aged kids and would have purchased a 3rd for my last child sept 2022.  I could justify it to myself because my bill was small as a previous YNAB4 user. However that means my future YNAB bill would be $400 US a year - probably more than $500 Canadian once the exchange and 2.5% fees on the credit card are factored in.  They really don't use the full features of YNAB, I really just wanted them to get in the habit of tracking and knowing where their money went. 

      So I unfortunately I felt it was best to cancel the boys' subscriptions today at that price.

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    • canadian160 Hi! Just reiterating here that we'll be reaching out to you via email. 

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      • MXMOM
      • MXMOM
      • 3 wk ago
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      canadian160 a family plan model would be great. We just changed to one in Dropbox. Great option, especially when we want to teach our kids. I can’t justify a plan for the minimal setup he needs. I could set him up on mine as an additional budget I guess. Too bad. 

    • Dela There are several folks following that would be interested in more info also. Private emails don't provide that. I have two teenagers that I would love to bring into the fold without granting access to my budget. Been following this thread because I'd like to see what comes of it, and I'm piping up now to ensure those of us that have been quiet don't get left out of the loop. Thanks!

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    • Chris Hobbs Thanks for posting that. We do have a team working on a version of YNAB that will work better for families. We don't have an update on that that we can share publicly, though, so I'm connecting folks to the team that's working on the project.

      They'll reach out via email to you, and to you, too, MXMOM ! :)

    • @dela_ynab  

      I'm wondering the timeline on someone reaching out?  We are trying alternatives but before I jump ship permanently, I wanted to see what YNAB had to offer. 

    • canadian160 I will reach out to you today! 🙂

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      • Khaki_Screwdiver.8
      • 2 wk ago
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      Matthew I didn't know it would bring up their own budget.  I'll have to try that. I've been trying to get the "kids" (in their 20s) to manage their budget on a spreadsheet.  I don't mind if they see my budget, I share it with them often as an example of how to manage a budget. 

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    • Budget Conquistador I'm also good with them seeing it but I don't want them to accidentally add info or change info in my budget!  Yikes

      As it is , today I am trying to reconcile our family credit card in YNAB and it has become a nightmare.   They either pay me or the credit card and I guess I did not keep on top of it monthly although I thought I had.   Somehow I went from a positive balance to be budgeted to red all over - all in 24 hours.  I have already spent 3 hours this morning going thru old credit card statements and bank accounts (no online reconciliation - I'm in Canada).  

  • If the “lite” app was free, it would be a great way to get kids started, then they can transition to a “grownup” version when they enter the adult world!

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  • Something as seemingly simple as what YouTube TV does would be fine with me. Allow me to share my account to their distinct emails and they can budget independently just like they can watch TV independently. 

  • THIS! I have had this idea in my head as well. My kids are young and want to help them adopt a YNAB mentality early. I am aware you can setup multiple budgets but would prefer a "family plan" where we don't have to share credentials. Definitely NOT into sharing credentials for our financials with my kids and their iPads.

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  • I've been requesting it for a while...

  • I also would love to have a family plan.  I also just purchased a subscription for my college aged son, but like canadian160 pointed out, it's going to get expensive if I do the same for the rest of my 3 children.  And my 14 year old daughter would like a budging app now.     I hope something roll out soon!

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