Emoji to Designate Partially Funding Category Each Pay

I'm paid biweekly, so some categories I fund with my first pay and others I fund with my second (let's not even go into those two months where I have a third pay).  There are some categories, however, that I fund halfway with my first pay and the rest with my second.  In my mind, I'm "cutting" the category into two pays.  For those, I've started putting scissors at the end of the category name 👍.  Just thought someone else might benefit from this little tip.


BTW, in Windows, when I press Windows + "." (period) to bring up the emoji search and I type "cut", they look like this 👇, but, have no fear, once you enter it in YNAB they'll look like they do above.


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    • WordTenor
    • Can we agree that goals are dumb and immature? Sure.
    • WordTenor
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    Full disclosure: I don't use Emoji in my budget. But I do do a lot of research on how people track their eyes across a page.

    If I wanted an emoji to have actionable meaning, meaning something like "This category needs attention," I would reverse the order so that scissors appeared before the "cut in half" category names and the cute "Foodstuffs" emoji appeared as decoration at the end. That way it would be easy to track my eyes down the screen and see quickly which categories should get which budgeting treatment. 

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      • Annieland
      • I was told there would be no math.
      • Annieland
      • 4 mths ago
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      WordTenor Yeah it's pretty amusing how people decorate their budgets.  I'm surprised I don't really do it, as I'm one to spend more time customizing an avatar than I do actually playing a game.  But I do use some functional emojis at the end of some categories.  My favorite is the 🔒to designate a category that is NOT to be WAMed from.  And I use some calendar looking emojis to remind me if there is a date specific goal set.

      But in general I try to keep my category names clean and specific.  If all the decorations and "due date" notes in categories help people, more power to them.  But I don't need a migraine every time I look at my budget.  And pizza emojis will just make me hungry and order a pizza.

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