creating a payee to be used as transfer source or destination

I frequently transfer money between my business bank account to my personal one. Each account has a separate budget. 


I can't seem to get the payee in the Payments and   Transfer List to hook up with either bank account. I am missing something fundamental and can't seem to find it. How do I set up this connection so that data will download correctly? Or are transfers from one bank account to another only supposed to work when both are on the same budget? 


Under "Making a Transfer" in the Help section it says, "For transfers from one budget account to another, no category is needed, because the money is not leaving your budget. If those dollars should now have a different job in your budget, your next step is to move money." Yes the money IS leaving one budget and going to another.


I appreciate any help.


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    Transfers in YNAB only work between accounts in the same budget.

    With two budgets you have to budget and categorize the outflows in the budget where money is leaving and categorize the inflow where the the money is being added.

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