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Hi all-

I'm beginning with a new budget starting tomorrow, 8/1. I had my old budget for 15 months, and so it's been a long time since I had to set up a new credit card in YNAB. My brain hurts! 

So, I told YNAB I want to pay my credit card each month. I pay in full on the 1st of each month, and my cycle runs from the 10th to the 10th of each month. When I enter my current balance, that includes the bill I will be paying on 8/1, as well as any charges or credits since 7/11. Is that correct? 

Also, I'm unsure of whether to include any changes from today that may still be pending tomorrow on 8/1 when I begin. Should I factor them in as well? Maybe they will clear by tomorrow and that will solve my problems.

Hopefully I can get this sorted. Last time I started mid-month, which was its own set of challenges!

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  • Your current (starting) balance should be tomorrow's balance from the website.

    You should also reserve enough to pay the entire debt (i.e., the account balance) in the relevant Payment category. (This will be more than the statement balance that you are intending to pay on 8/1.)

    Any transactions still pending tomorrow can be entered as new transactions. They should not be a part of the starting balance in YNAB (as that comes from the cleared balance at the card's website).

  • As an aside, I wouldn't start a new budget due to the significant effort just to get it back to something that's pretty darn close to the one I have.

  • Ok, I think that makes sense. I will log on tomorrow and see what has cleared and what remains. 
    I do get the value of a fresh start over a new budget, but in this case, an entirely new one was warranted. 
    Thank you for your help! 

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