ToolKit - lost ability to flag multiple entries

I'm using ToolKit and before I could  do multiple selects and change/set the flag color. I can't do that anymore. It doesn't even show up as an option for a single entry to set the flag color when you select the check box. This is majorly annoying as I rely on those. Is there an update or something that I need?

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  • Are you using Firefox on Mac, by any chance? I noticed there's an open issue for this problem. Scheduled transactions might also be implicated...

      • RS A
      • Gold_Lion.5
      • 1 yr ago
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      Matthew I'm using Chrome on Mac. We just updated our computer and installed the latest version of Chrome. Don't know if that's the issue or if there was an update with YNAB or Toolkit that did it

    • RS A I took a look as well and it sounds similar to that issue, but I don't see any that pinpoint Chrome. We aren't able to troubleshoot issues with the toolkit, but you can add a New Issue to that Github page:

  • I am using Chrome and have the same issue. Just as described above. Flagging a transaction cannot be done by right-clicking at all. Flagging multiple transactions at once is not possible at all. 

  • Yes!!! I am on Chrome as well and this is so beyond frustrating to not have the ability to flag multiple transactions.

  • Hi Cyan Jackal and amp97 !

    I took a look and I do see this issue listed on the YNAB Toolkit's Github as of 4 days ago. I currently don't see a scheduled fix but since they've been made aware of it hopefully that functionality will be restored soon!

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