Credit Card Balance and Payment not matching up.


In June I got a new credit card with a good reward system. Starting balance was of course $0. Where it is a new card I have a low limit for the first couple of months. Because of this I have been forced to make multiple payments a month in order to keep using it and accruing my rewards.

This month I have noticed that I have a remaining balance even though my payment amount is $0 and all of my categories are not yellow. I have checked for the months of June and July as well and there are no categories marked yellow.

I went back and compared all of my transactions to make sure they were all imported correctly and every single one over the last 3 months is matching and accounted for.

Despite this I still have a balance of just under a $100. Where could the discrepancy be?


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  • Check hidden categories or under collapsed groups in the past for overspending. The starting balance and overspending are by far the two most common ways the Payment category becomes out of sync with the account balance.

    One other possible cause is a transfer from the CC to a cash-based account. (This is common done with gift card accounts and immediate reimbursement scenarios.)

    Others are a reconciliation adjustment transaction or an erroneous budget entry.

  • You can reallocate to fix the shortage in the current month budget area and move on. Even if you identify the cause I'm a past month, you will still wind up reallocating.

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