Paying Off Student Loan

Hi all, 

I'm fairly new to YNAB and I'm hoping someone can help answer a question for me. I budgeted a certain amount each month for my student loan payments. This month, I made a payment for $500. YNAB took the $500 away from "available" in that category, like I expected. Then, for some reason it  added the $500 back into my checking account as "to be budgeted." Does anyone have any idea why it did this? How do I make it not do that? I don't have that $500 anymore, obviously. 

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  • Is your student loan showing a positive balance in the accounts list?

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  • Hi Orange Colt !

    How did you enter that student loan payment? If you added your student loan as an account, payments would need to be entered as transfer from one account to your student loan account. However, you'll want to make sure your student loan account shows the correct negative balance so that your budget isn't showing a positive amount/money you don't actually have. 

  • Thanks both! I created a "student loan" tracking account as suggested and that rectified the issue when I made the payment a transfer. 

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