To Be Budgeted, is Higher than Checking Account Total

Hello! Been using ynab for a couple months and am finally getting the hang of it. I am very knowledgeable with the basics, but can not wrap my head around this. I only have 2 accounts linked that I use, a savings and a checking. I budget some money in my budget for "savings", then make a transfer into my savings account every time I type a number into the savings category of my budget. Some how, right now, I have $81.52 TBB, and $75.14 in my checking. I have no idea how this could be possible. How can I assign dollars I do not actually have? My savings total matches what the "available" number is in my budget, so that is not the issue. I have thought about this before and I am aware that my TBB does not always ahve to match account obviously, but how could it ever be greater than my account?

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  • Spending doesn't impact TBB in any manner whatsoever. Budget until that is $0. If you have overspent categories (because you spent without budgeting funds first), those categories would be a good place to start putting that money that's in TBB. Yes, it's doing it after the fact, but it still needs to be done.

  • One additional thought, unrelated to your question: You are currently synchronizing an account and a category (or perhaps a category group). This had led to confusion for many people who have come before you, and it's entirely unnecessary. Many of us feel the separation of the concepts of purpose and location is one of the most beneficial aspects of YNAB. Check this out for more details for a simpler approach that actually requires less effort on your part.

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    • dakinemaui I understand your post but I am actually not doing this. I have a savings account I use for general savings, vacation fund, ect. In my budget I have those items exactly, and when I get an inflow (paycheck) I assign some dollars to those savings categories. However, since I keep that savings money in a separate account, whenever I budget that money to savings, I actually have to make a real transfer otherwise the savings categories are just sitting in my checking. Literally the same thing either way, but I prefer a savings for interest, no temptation to spend, ect. Therefore my savings group category in my budget should and does always match 

    • Tyler Krasavage I think you've misunderstood my post then, because you are doing exactly what I said you are doing (synchronizing an account to a subset of categories). In contrast, not synchronizing opens the door to more interest because all "non-savings" categories do not come due at the same. By basing the amount in checking on upcoming outflows, the remainder is able to be shifted into the higher-rate account.

      Just thought I would mention it. Your call if you wish to pursue it.

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  • Are you doing this by clicking the reconciliation button in YNAB, where it ask is your bank account balance xxx?  Maybe there is a transaction pending at your bank thereby reducing available bank balance that hasn’t come thru and is not accounted for in YNAB. I can only see the reconcile button when using the website, not the app. 

  • Just adding to my previous post. My bank balance never matches my to be budgeted because I have many “Freedom Accounts” to save for things like vacation, property taxes, and Christmas. All of that money is still in checking but not available to be budgeted because it is already assigned. 

    • Getting control Yes same with me. Figured it out. Thank you!

  • If TBB is higher than checking, it might be carrying over unbudgeted dollars from a previous month.

  • Thanks guys, figured it out. Stupid mistake by my , It actually wasnt less than my checking total, I was forgetting to add the other checking accountant I have to my total available.

    • Tyler Krasavage TBB should be $0 the vast majority of the time.

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