Frustrated! Can't consolidate two categories


I want to have credit card and other debts all under one heading "debt."  I don't want two categories, "debt" and "credit card payment."  I can't pick up items and move them between categories.  There has to be an easy way of doing this.

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  • The credit card categories are hard coded in as a part of how the software handles credit card spending. That is one category group you can't mess with. You will have to have a separate category group for non credit card debt.

  • I believe if you set the other debt account up as a “credit card” type it will go into the same budget category. 

    • MXMOM Certainly true. Some considerations though:

      • Those payments do not show up in the expense report. Presumably that's one reason they're being broken out into a separate group instead of being under, say, Immediate Obligations.
      • Making an account then requires the "care and feeding" of said account. If you blow this off and let the account go positive, that will add Monopoly money to the budget.

      Also a possibility is to pare down the categories under the CC Payments group. Any credit cards that are just being paid off (i.e., not being used for budgeted purchases) be treated as any other bill with just a category. This better aligns with the "Debt" group, leaving the CC Payments group for cards that are actively being used (and hopefully with paid-in-full status).

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  • dakinemaui said:
    that will add Monopoly money to the budget.

     Love it. Had that happen. 🤷‍♀️

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