Not sure how to enter this transaction for Amazon Gift Card

I purchased a $40 gift card on Amazon (using my Amazon cc)  in order to get a $10 bonus from Amazon.  I have a "gift card" account that I use to keep track of various gift cards, but I am not sure how to enter this.

At first I did it as a transfer from my Amazon account to my Gift Card account.  This correctly charges it to my Amazon account and increases my GC balance, but puts me $40 overspent, because a transfer does not allow me to put it against a category.

I will be using the $40 for random Amazon purchases and will just record the transaction against the GC account, so I need to have the $40 in there.  But I also need to show the $40 charge on my Amazon credit card.  I guess I could just enter the $40 against the category I am most likely to use it for on Amazon, but then that means that I will have no record of the specific purchase(s) in YNAB.  It's not the end of the world, but I feel like there should be a way to do this and I am just not seeing it.

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  • Add it as a transfer. Then budget the $40 tat shows up in tbb to the credit card payment category. Ten add an inflow of $10 to the gift card account with the category tbb. 

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  • Along similar lines as @satcook's advice, I would record as a split transaction just to keep things together:

    • Net: $40 outflow
    • Split 1: $50 outflow transfer to GC account
    • Split 2: $10 inflow categorized as TBB

    If you're using the stock CC handling, the outflow causes TBB to increase (by $40), which I would immediately move to the CC Payment category.

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  • Thank you!  Somehow I did not notice that when I created the transfer to the GC category it added $40 to TBB.  I moved that $40 to the Amazon CC payment and everything is in order.  The additional $10 came in two days later, so I did that as an inflow to the gift card category.

    • chicagouser Perfect.

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