Issues Linking to Discover

Has the switch to Plaid finally fixed the issue with linking to Discover?

I re-entered my credentials in YNAB when the transition to Plaid first happened, but then Discover notified me my account was locked out and I had to call their fraud department to verify my identity and request a password reset.  This happened minutes after connecting with Plaid, so I have to assume that's what triggered the alert.

I don't want to try it again unless others are actually having success.

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  • Discover is generally working well on Plaid, but if you're having any issues connecting, please get in touch with support!

  • I had issues with Discover too.  Sometime after I linked to Discover I had changed my Discover login ID.   importing still worked fine.  It wasn't until they switched to PLAID that it broke.  The error kept telling me to use the original user ID, which was pointless as that ID no longer existed.

    I had to create new Discover accounts (credit card and savings) then link those.  It worked fine and I haven't had any issues since.

  • I had the same problems and just unlinked the accounts for awhile. After having some success (I think) working with support on some issues with my other accounts, I decided to try and relink it. I haven't gotten the fraud alerts again this time (thank god!) and everything seems to be pretty smooth. The connections have maintained just fine for a few days, but transaction importing is still lagging - more than 24 hrs between imports. Gonna cross my fingers that some of that is just the weekend, and this gets better. 

  • I have the same issue with Discover. It has locked my account numerous times.

  • I took the plunge and added Discover again after seeing the posts from Sea Green Beat and EP. It's been working now for a few days, which is better than the last time I tried.  My weekly reconciliation is so much easier when Direct Import is working; no need to look for the QFX files anymore! 🎉

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      Dave M. Yay! So glad it's working well for you too. Mine is now updating on schedule - it actually caught a transaction before I had manually entered it today!

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  • I've been having problems connecting to Discover too. Reports credentials are wrong. I've used the YNAB Troubleshooting on this topic. Still no luck. I tried unlinking my Discover account and adding it anew. Still no love. Guess I'll have to follow the leads above and manually import until PLAID & YNAB & DISCOVER are at 100% agreement. This is making me very sad. I am still finding my legs with YNAB and while I know that all parties are doing their best, I find I've been avoiding YNAB and my money because of this frustration. [Yes, I know I am simply venting ;)

    • Thanks for giving the troubleshooting steps a try, Tomato Rhythm ! Since those didn't do the trick, can you report the issue here. Our team would be happy to help get that Discover connection back up & running! 

  • I have submitted an issue. I kept getting an unavailable message (don’t remember the exact message) via plaid. I am not sure if that locked me out or the message was because I was locked out. I don’t need to look at it everyday so I am not sure about time frames. 

    • Black cat Thanks for reporting the issue! Our importing team will be in touch soon. 🙂

  • I had to delete the linked account & add it back. Now the connection works perfectly.

  • I use Discover as my primary bank as well as a credit card. I am able to log in to Discover through Plaid and import transactions, but I do have to do this every time I log in to YNAB (every other day or so).  It has been my personal experience that Discover and Capital One do not just stay connected like, for example, Citibank and Chase.

    • Hey FunnyGroundhog ! Some banks are a little more strict with their security measures, and may request for more frequent reauthorization. Though the Discover connection is one that's currently being worked on! If you can report a Bank Importing Issue here, our importing team is happy to look closer at what's going on. 

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