payee_locations not returning any latitude/longitude

I'm trying to retrieve latitude and longitude information using the payee_locations API. I'm using the ynab_client module in Python:

    api_instance = ynab_client.PayeeLocationsApi()
    api_response = api_instance.get_payee_locations("my-budget-id")
    any(hasattr(payee_location, "latitude") for payee_location in
    any(hasattr(payee_location, "longitude") for payee_location in

None of my transactions have associated latitude or longitude, although I almost always associate the entries with locations when logging purchases on iOS. Any ideas?

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  • Hey Tan Clarinet !

    Can you tell me a little about the response you're getting from the API? Is it just the 

    No payees locations were found (404)  message? Or is it something else? 
    Let me know and I can do a bit of digging there!

    • Chrissy thanks, to clarify, the API is returning valid data but none of the payee locations have associated latitude and longitude.

      print api_response
      {'data': {'payee_locations': [{'deleted': False,
                                     'id': '75525dd7-9e43-4b85-b7bb-c61e7ba68d6f',
                                     'payee_id': 'edb40549-1714-4412-b1ed-0df17f83d392'},
                                    {'deleted': False,
                                     'id': 'e4679ac6-e655-4881-89f0-9526516c2460',
                                     'payee_id': 'edb40549-1714-4412-b1ed-0df17f83d392'},
                                    {'deleted': False,
                                     'id': '4cd8aaad-de6f-446b-a9da-4df9b9b65765',
                                     'payee_id': 'f995f36a-d394-4db5-b6db-473be4a273db'},
                                    {'deleted': False,
                                     'id': '645457c9-1b5b-4847-b8f1-ce297393b9c8',
                                     'payee_id': 'f995f36a-d394-4db5-b6db-473be4a273db'}
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