Please explain Activity on my credit card

Hi everyone, I'm curious about what I'm seeing when I click on the Activity amount on my credit card.  I've attached the image.  I understand that the left column shows my CC purchases for May, but of what use is the right column?  I don't understand what the Total Activity number signifies.  What does this number mean?  Thanks.

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  • "Budgeted spending" indicates money you had budgeted in categories; it should ideally be equal to "spending" on the left, as yours is, so very well done. Basically, this is money YNAB has moved to the credit card payment category for you throughout the month as you have gone about spending budgeted dollars using your credit card. 

    "Payments and returns" is money that you have moved via transactions directly to the credit card category by making, you guessed it, payments and returns. This is usually a negative number because you'll make a payment to pay a significant amount of the card. 

    The sum, "Total activity" is how much the credit card payment category available has changed this month. If you compare it to the previous month, it will equal the difference between last month's available and this month's available (minus any additions you made via budgeting directly to the card category.) 

  • The left side is the impact on the account balance. The right side is the impact on the budget (specifically the CC Payment category).

    You can pretty much ignore Total Available, IMHO. The important thing is that purchases are all budgeted (top two values agree).

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