Income from credit card company not showing up in To Be Budgeted

I might be missing something here.  On May 31st my credit card company gave us a $50 "appreciation credit".  I try to assign it To Be Budgeted, which it accepts, but the money doesn't show up in the big pot.  We spend our credit card on monthly purchases and pay it off each month, so we have the money available.  We are currently sitting with a cleared balance of −$1,786.47 though.  Will YNAB not allow a reduction in debt to count as actual income?  If not, where does this $50 credit go?  It reduced our debt in the account balance sure, but it's not accounted for anywhere in our budget.

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  • It's not spendable cash, all it is doing is reducing the amount of debt you have on the card so it doesn't actually add money to your TBB. What you can do if you already had the full balance of the card reserved in your payment category is move the now excess funds to wherever else in your budget you want it.

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  • The budget is comprised of your cash on hand. That credit is not cash, so by default it doesn't show up in the To Be Budgeted area. However, if you have cash you were planning to send to the CC, you could hold the same amount of that back.

    In other words, reallocate from the CC Payment category to basically undo the debt reduction from the credit.

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  • Thanks for the responses.  At first that made total sense, but I'm still perplexed.  I have an actual transaction in my credit card account that is $50 income.  It requires a category still.  If I leave it blank it shows the orange highlight under category to remind me that it needs updating.   I've uploaded an image.  Hopefully you can see it, and that my cc balance decreased. 

    What category should I assign to it?  My budget has a credit card line where money gets moved over from other categories when I spend from it.  When I try to assign it to "American Express Skymiles" budget category, it won't allow me to do it.  It does see it as a category.  Thanks for your help.

    • CamJPete Inflow: To Be Budgeted.

      This credit means you don't have to pay as much, so feel free to move that same amount from the CC Payment category to elsewhere in the budget.

      You can also leave it in the CC Payment category if you prefer to use that income for debt reduction.

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  • Thanks dakinemaui.  I actually tried to assign it to the CC payment category, but it won't allow it.  Apparently To Be Budgeted AND cc payment are not allowed when assigning a category to income on a credit card.  I was able to assign it to any other category, which I did.  I just assigned it to our "new car" category.  I don't see how assigning to "new car" is much different than To Be Budgeted then new car, and why YNAB won't allow the latter but will the former, but whatever.  

    • CamJPete The difference is assigning directly to New Car will skew report totals & averages. Doing so will reduce the CC Payment category and increase the New Car category.

      Again, the recommended approach is to categorize as To Be Budgeted -- it is most certainly allowed -- and reduce the CC Payment category yourself (putting those funds wherever you like).

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    • CamJPete This article has more details on how to handle credit card rewards & statement credits. You'll categorize as Inflow: To be Budgeted. The credit is applied, and your account balance is reduced. Turning on the Running Balance can help show the impact.

      If it's not quite lining up in your budget, you can enable Support Access—and I can look closer. Just let me know the name of your budget & the account, and if you'd like to continue here or email.

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      Oh, thank you for the Nicole for the article.  That was exactly what I needed.  To everybody else that was answering me, I'm sure you were telling me exactly what the article was saying, so thank you also.  Whew.  I was thinking that I couldn't assign it the category as TBB because it wouldn't show up in TBB.  I think it is a little misleading to have TBB show up under cc.  Why can't I assign it my credit card payment category?  That makes more sense.  Or if you do categorize it as TBB, have a popup balloon or notification that says what its actually doing.  Just a little confusing without reading the actual article that I think could be a little more easily designed.  Just my thoughts.  I'm sure I'm not the first who has been befuddled by this.  Nonetheless, it is solved, and thank you all for your help!

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  • CamJPete said:
    I think it is a little misleading to have TBB show up under cc

    I completely agree and have suggested to YNAB that they display "Debt Management" instead of "To Be Budgeted". That's, in fact, what they've implemented. You might make a similar Feature Request.

    FWIW, you're not the first, and certainly won't be the last person to make this mistake.

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