How to change Billing Address?

I recently had my credit card information stolen and had to acquire a new card. This is the card I use for my YNAB subscription, so I need to update my payment info. However, when I go to change the card info I'm hit with the error message:

Your billing address does not match the address on your account. Please update your address or contact your bank.

I can't find anywhere on the webpage where updating my billing address is even an option. I skimmed through Google's settings as well (since I log in via my Google account), but there doesn't seem to be anything there either. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this?

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  • Hey YNABers! Rachel here with a quick update for anyone who might make their way to this thread in the future.

    First, some context: while we do ask for the country and postal code on our subscription page, we don't ask for full addresses as we don't require them in order to process payments. However, some card companies do want us to provide that information in order for them to approve the charge. In these cases, our User Accounts magicians can come to the rescue! 馃獎

    Since we can鈥檛 troubleshoot user accounts issues directly in the Forum, I鈥檓 closing replies to this thread. If you鈥檙e running into this issue, please reach out directly to our support team. You can reach them at [email protected], or from directly within your budget 馃槉Thanks so much!

  • Hey Navy Blue Elk ! I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with stolen credit card information.  You can update your billing information in Account Settings. This link should bring you straight there if you're logged in.

    I'll send you an email to get you connected with our User Accounts team鈥攚ho can investigate if you're still running into trouble!

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    • Nicole this is not working for me as well. It takes me to the same page on the app. Update billing info. In billing info, I can only update the card and not the address!!

    • Ove Abelord I'm sorry to hear you've run into the same issue - thank you for getting in touch with support. Our User Accounts team is on the case! 

  • Rachel any updates on this? I have the exact same issue, I'm just trying to use a different card.

    • Cyan Wildcat Hey there! I'm sending you an email to gather some more info about what's going on, and to get you connected with user accounts 馃槉

  • Rachel I'm having the same problem, my annual subscription payment is denied with reason "Your billing address does not match the address on your account. Please update your address or contact your bank." and I can't edit my billing address when I go there:

    • Turquoise Cartridge Hi! I'm sorry about that! While you can update some location details in Settings, you can't update your billing address. I've sent you an email so we can get this updated for you! :)

  • Having the same issue where I can't find a single setting that will let me update my address with YNAB. Obviously, it should be exposed and editable from the account settings interface, or I should be able to modify the billing address associated with my payment info, but I can currently do neither.

    Please contact me so I can get it updated. And then fix the account settings UI.

    • Matt Youngberg Hi, Matt. I've asked our User Accounts team to reach out to you. You'll hear from them shortly. :)

  • Hi, I'm also having this issue. I need to change my credit card but saying address does not match.

    Please contact me so I can update the credit card in order to renew my subscription. Thank you.

    • Jimmy W You got it, Jimmy! Our team will be sending you an email to resolve this shortly.

  • Same here! Could someone reach out too?

    • Slate Gray Disk Thanks for letting us know. Someone from the team will be in touch soon!

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