Credit card debt, begone!

I'm so excited to announce that I have finally paid off my credit card debt in full after a decade of carrying it around. I've been chipping away at it, but this spring I got a new job with a lot more take home pay that let me tackle it really aggressively.

Current plan is to build a larger emergency fund before moving on to my student loans. 🎉

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  • Awesome!  Great job!  Now ALL of your money can work for you!

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  • I know the feeling! I've had credit card debt for over a decade too and finally today I made the last payment. What a feeling! I'm moving on to the remaining of my student loans, planning to have the all paid by May 2022. Then I'll be debt free.

    Congratulations! 🎉

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  • Woo hoo!! 🎉

    That is so very exciting - good for you!! I'm on a similar path and I love to hear when people have knocked out those credit cards once and for all. 😊

  • Congratulations! It's a great feeling, plus suddenly all this money seems to materialize in your budget for savings each month.

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  • We should do CC debt-free screams around here. 😄

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