Handling Line of Credit Draw/Repay

We have a HELOC that we have not needed to use until recently. In December, I drew $20k out of our HELOC into our checking account to add some float in our checking account while we worked through some upcoming bills. I no longer need the float, so this week I transferred $20k from our checking account back to our HELOC - essentially paying off the "short term loan".

I'm confused about how YNAB is handling this. In December I setup a Budget account called HELOC with a balance of $0. I then transferred $20k from the HELOC to our checking account to reflect the "short term loan". This month I transferred $20k from our checking account to the HELOC account and the HELOC balance correctly shows $0. 

However, on the Credit Card section of the budget page YNAB is showing a -$20,000 balance for my HELOC account. I think this should be $0.

Any ideas what is going on and how I should handle this differently?

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  • When you set up the budget account for the HELOC, it should have also created a payment category in your budget, the same as a credit card. Since moving the $20k is effectively paying it back, you need to budget the 20k back to the payment category for the payment. You no longer have 20k in your budget, so you need to move the money from whatever category it was sitting in before you made the payment.

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  • Tobias - I never would have figured that out on my own, but it seems to have set everything straight. Thanks for the response!

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