Issues with Desjardins Bank

Any people have Desjardins bank working right now? I was able to initiate the first connection and it sync a bogus balance.... now it sits in "Connection Good" condition but it clearly didn't capture the new transactions....

Any ways to manual trigger a Sync so we can do test? Seems that I have to wait many hours to see the Last Updated counter be rolled-back.




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  • Hi Eric !

    At the moment, it looks like it’s waiting for you to answer your security questions again. If you haven’t added an account with Desjardins yet, let’s have you try answering those like this:

    1. Select the name of your budget in the upper left-hand corner.

    2. Choose Manage Connections.

    3. Select the failed connection with them and try again.

    Or if you’ve already added an account to your budget, you can simply click the “Import(!)" button at the top of your account register, and answer your authentication questions (if there are any to answer) from there.

    If it still won’t connect, can you let me know if anything is amiss with the authentication questions (i.e. a one-time passcode you don’t ever receive, or a question you don’t recognize)? Then I can let our Direct Import partner know! :)

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  • Hi Faness,


    Yeah it has been doing that for many days always, asking me for the security question every 24 hours. That is fine. Then it connects, and the problem is that it says it does something successful.... but nothing get updated. It will see the new balance on the account, but will not update it. And will never import transaction.

    I am in email communication with your support team as well so we may want to focus the support effort there. Let me now what you think.

    BTW, I do have connection to 2 different Bank. One works perfectly fine (Tangerine).... Takes a bit to catch up but it does work. Desjardins has its one mind it seems.



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    • Eric Poulin I just took a look at the email you sent support - thanks for being so detailed! It looks like this may be a clearing delay on the bank's end. Some banks don't clear transactions over the weekend (Chase bank is a common example of this). When this happens, transactions don't clear until Monday, so they don't appear as available to import until late Monday or Tuesday.

      If your transactions still aren't importing in the next day or two, let us know and we can have our Direct Import partner take a look! :)

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