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I am new to YNAB so please be patient with me.  I am struggling to understand how to roll over month to month.  Let's say that I setup a monthly funding goal for my iTunes payment of .99.  I budgeted for that this month therefor turning things green but for whatever reason I did not have to actually spend that amount.  When I look at the next month it shows I have .99 cash left over from previous month and now says that .99 short of my goal for the month even though it says I have .99 available in that category from previous month.  If I set a monthly funding goal and have roll over because the actually bill was less, how in the world do I deal with this?



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  • When you use monthly goals, whatever amount you make it is the amount it’s looking for you to add each month, as it’s a monthly goal, no matter how much rolls over from the previous month. 

    If you don’t want to add another .99 to the goal, one way is you can send that .99 roll over to the TO Be Budgeted (TBB).  Then you can add .99 back to the budget for the current month and that will satisfy your monthly goal and you’ll only have .99 in the availability. 

    Another  way is if this is a recurring monthly bill, set up the .99 as a recurring bill monthly and you will get the same effect. And if for one month you don’t need to pay it, you’d delete it that month and you wouldn’t have anything to budget for in that month. 

  • You used the monthly funding goal type. This goal is only looking at what is in the left column of your budget, not the right (available) column.

  • so it seems like I need to get over a category being green as I feel like that is all I am worried about.  I guess I need to fund it to turn them green and then once the transaction is done I can then move the remaining money to something else even though it will stay orange correct?  Thank you so much

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      Pink Violin That's correct!

    • Pink Violin @WordTenor's  advice will not cause the category to turn orange after you use the money that month. I'd say that's probably the better choice in this case.

  • For this kind of "I want to have the money on hand to pay for thing x this month," it's best to use a scheduled transaction. This will look at your available rather than  how much you've budgeted. 

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  • There are two kinds of goals - one is for how much you want to budget every month ("Monthly Funding Goal" and the other is what you want the balance to be in that category ("Target Category Balance" or "Target Category Balance by Date")

    If you want to put $.99 in every month, use a monthly funding goal. Even if you don't spend it, you will put $.99 in every month and it will build up (month 2 is $1.98, month 3 is $2.97, etc). Then you can spend as wanted.

    If you want it to get to $.99 and then consider it funded, you set up a Target Category Balance goal. It will tell you when you fall below $.99 and expect you to budget to replenish. A better example would be something like a vacation fund. You want to have $1000 in it, so when you get to $1000 it stops telling you to budget, but when you go on vacation and spend $500 it will tell you that the category needs money to get back to $1000.

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