Credit Card Payment Issue

I have two different Citibank credit cards that I have set up on autopay to be paid in full each month. My Costco Credit Card autopays at the beginning of the month while my Citibank Cashback Credit Card is on autopay at the end of the month.


I only have this issue when my Costco Credit Card payment is imported into YNAB, but see the image for what shows up in YNAB. The first line appears correct: an inflow to the correct credit card, the payee is correct (my checking account), and the transaction shows as being cleared. The 2nd line, is a duplicate to the wrong credit card, but it doesn't show as being cleared (because it never happened). The third and fourth lines are also duplicates of eachother, showing an outflow from my checking account, with the payees being the two credit cards... but the one that always shows as being cleared is the wrong one. 


Why does this happen, and is there anything I can do to make this import correctly each month, or will I always just need to watch out for this issue and correct it?

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  • Use the dedicated Import Issue link on the right side of the main Support page.

  • dakinemaui is right that we don't answer Direct Import questions in the forum any more (but are happy to answer them promptly via the link in the top right).

    However, in this case, I can tell you right now that the issue is that your bank(s) isn't giving YNAB enough information to know what account is on the other side of the payment, so YNAB is making a guess—and guessing wrong.

    Specifically: There are two transactions that download into YNAB. One is on your Costco card account, and the other is on your AFCU Checking account.

    When the Costco card side of the payment downloads, YNAB looks at it and says, "Okay, this looks like a credit card payment. Since this card was last paid from the AFCU Checking account, let's assume that's where the payment originated this time, too." Good guess!

    Separately (likely first), the AFCU Checking transaction downloads. YNAB looks at this one and says, "Ah, a credit card payment. Well, the last card paid from this account was Citibank Cashback, so it probably is this time too." Bad guess—no biscuit.

    Could YNAB be making a smarter guess in the second case? In some cases, maybe, but probably not here: I suspect all we can see is something like "Payment to Citibank credit card" and a fun useless string of numbers.

    So how you avoid having this ever happen again?

    As soon as you know the amount of the payment, enter it in YNAB as a scheduled transaction. With both sides of the transaction already in place, there's nothing for YNAB to guess about, and therefore no opportunity to guess wrong.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • I have a similar issue--however, my question is, when I import from both the Credit Card and Checking Account used to pay off said credit card, do I delete both imported transactions and manually generate a new "Transfer" transaction to pay off the credit card?  When it imports, it needs a category... am I on the right track?

    • Salmon Major You can.

      You can also create the transfer (make it repeating), and match the imported transactions to it.

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  • Move Light Sound Life   Thanks, I'll try that! Cheers!

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