I Need To Change Starting Balance Not Make An Adjustment

I'm trying to figure out how this program works and I am out by 0.50. I want to know why but this program makes it difficult. I can't print out the transactions when they are sorted by amount which would greatly expedite finding the error as I could compare it to my statements. I want to find the original starting balance to see if the error was there. I can't find it. Where is it.

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  • Never mind. I take back all the mean things I just said. I found the export budget to .csv feature which gives me all I need.

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    • Tomato Thunder Haha this made me chuckle.

      You may also want to consider turning on “Show Running Balance” in your Accounts view (in Accounts, select the View dropdown). Easily being able to see a running balance of your account can help you narrow down which month the difference started from by comparing to your bank statements.

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    • Blue Wildcat ... and make sure you click on the Balance column. Confusingly, this restores the "standard" sort (date primary, amount secondary); otherwise the running balance doesn't make a lot of sense.

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    • Tomato Thunder No worries at all. Welcome to You Need A Budget! We're here to help answer any questions you might have along the way.

      The account register can be customized by sorting your transactions or by filtering your transactions. By default, transactions in the register are sorted by date, with the most recent transactions at the top. And here's a little more on the Running Balance feature mentioned above!

      If your Starting Balance is incorrect, you can edit by double clicking on it right in the account register. It should be the first (earliest) transaction in your account register, if you entered or imported the starting balance. 

      Since you're looking to compare your transactions in YNAB to your bank, I'd also recommend the reconciliation process for tips. I hope that helps!

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