Finding duplicate entries (from manual import)

I manually import PayPal entries. Unfortunately, the QIF file download has entries for authorizations and for the final transactions. This is because the QIF downloads contain all of what PayPal categorizes as "completed transactions" not just transactions that change the PayPal account balance. The PayPal statement download CSV file options allows for downloading only "balance affecting" transactions, which is perfect for importing without duplicates. Sadly, these CSV files don't directly import into YNAB, so I would have to edit the CSV files to match what YNAB recognizes for the file to import at all.  I can write a processor to convert these for me, but I'd rather not add more work to importing if I can do this in another way. (I want to keep importing as simply as possible.)

The entries appear identically to one another in the YNAB account register, and they really are duplicate entries for the same financial transaction. For example, if I use a retailer's web site, like Sephora, there will be an authorization transaction entry in my PayPal account data for the full transaction amount. There will, also, be an entry for final payment to Sephora from my PayPal account. So, there would be two entries both looking something like this:

Date                Payee        Outflow
1/1/2020    Sephora    -$23.79
1/1/2020    Sephora    -$23.79

To accurately track the PayPal payments that are real money transactions, one of those entries must be removed.

Is there a way to automatically detect or list duplicate entries?

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  • I believe there are a few online converters that will make your CSV compatible with YNAB. I'm not aware of anything to detect duplicates.

  • Hi Magenta Storm !

    There isn't a way to automatically detect duplicate entries, but you can sort by date and amount to make them easier to spot. You can also try this (unofficial) CSV converter created by a fellow YNABer, which may help convert that CSV File to something more YNAB friendly. :)

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