Glitch in iPad app when entering old transactions


I inadvertently discovered this bug that is repeatable in the iPad app (haven’t tested on other devices).

This bug appears to be related to the fact that months prior to the earliest transaction date are not accessible/visible from the Budget screen (which on a side note, I totally agree with).

Description & steps for repeating:

1. I incorrectly entered a transaction in January 2019 (prior to when when I started using nYNAB in Sep 2019 & prior to my earliest transactions/opening balances in YNAB, also Sep 2019). IMPORTANT: For repeatability, the transaction must be entered prior to the earliest visible month in the Budget screen.

2. My Budget screen appropriately started showing all of the months back to January 2019 as being underfunded / overspent.

3. Upon correcting the transaction date to January 2020 (rather than 2019), the Budget appropriately no longer allows me to access/view months prior to my start date of Sep 2019 - fantastic. HOWEVER the Sep 2019 opening balance is still shows an overspend being carried forwards as though a transaction still exists at an earlier date.

This caused me a lot of confusion as effectively the transaction was being deducted from my budget twice: once in the carried forward overspend balance for Sep 2019 (and therefore for subsequent months also) and a 2nd time in Jan 2020 where the cost was actually being budgeted for.


I ultimately picked up on the error based on the fact that:

(a) my Available balance in Jan 2020 within the app did not match the total of my tracked assets within Net Worth report within the app;

(b) my Net Worth report in the app didn’t match my Net worth report on the website version

(c) the difference was exactly equal to the value of the transaction initially entered on the wrong date (and fortunately I recalled that I had made this error).


The error was fixed by entering a $0 transaction in January 2019 which seems to have refreshed all balances dating back in the iPad app and then subsequently deleting the $0 transaction.

This error is repeatable by following the steps above (you may need to adjust the dates you use depending on the date you started tracking transactions in YNAB).


Hope reporting this bug & how to fix manually helps someone out there struggling with reconciling differences!

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    Did you try swiping down to force the app to re-sync?

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    • briefcase yes, no amount of re-syncing or restarting the app altogether changed it despite the clear discrepancy between the app and the web version.

  • Thanks for reporting this! We're currently on holiday schedule, but I'll make sure the Bugs team takes a look when we're back in full effect.

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  • Hi Blue Wildcat ! Thank you so much for those detailed steps. When you have a moment, would you mind filling out a Bug Report? That goes directly to our bug squashing team, so can gather the information they need to investigate and dig in!

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