newbie: Extra money at end of month. Confused what to do with it

This is my first month with YNAB. 

Within the first couple days of using it, I funded most of my categories for the month (all bills that would have to be paid soon, plus some (but not all) my savings categories). I'd entered my first few transactions, reconciled,  and  My "To be budgeted" was $0.

Now, my next paycheck arrives. I fund the few savings categories for this month that couldn't get funded from my initial YNAB budgeting, and now  I have a good sum of "surplus" money "left", and I'm not quite sure what to do with it.

The videos I've watched say: start funding categories for the upcoming month, but I don't know how to approach that. Which categories should I fund first? I don't have enough to fund all next month's categories.. Do I need to make a spreadsheet to forecast how much money will be needed by certain bills by certain dates, in order to do a good job at figuring out where to best put that surplus now?   That seems against the purpose of YNAB, but it also seems sort of arbitrary to just fund some categories and then "adjust as needed" as things get rolling for next month (Or is that what I should be doing?)

I guess I'm used to thinking about budgeting as having "just enough" to cover my monthly bills and to not have to allocate beyond that. (Before YNAB I had seeded my checking account years ago with enough money to cover any/all bills that would come up the first month without having to factor in remaining paychecks for that month. That meant I never really had to think about funding individual bills-- there was always magically enough money to pay them -- and this means I also had a surplus balance in the checking that sort of drifted across the months).

Hope I'm not rambling. Switching to the YNAB way of "allocating every dollar" is so different in comparison to my previous approach of "just keep a surplus in your checking and don't worry about the details"...

 Any advice would be appreciated!

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