2020 Not 2019!!!

Hello YNAB'ers,

This just happened to me and I thought I would share because I am sure everyone is going to do it at some point😂 and its good for a little laugh at my expense.

I was just going through my budget capturing items that needed capturing, clearing things that needed clearing and I thought my life was complete and then I looked at my budget...

And I was in the red by a big amount and I could not understand why. Started going through my transactions (by glances, not in-depth) and they all looked there so now I am having a sort of heart attack, panic moment. So I did the panic thing... I deleted all my capturing, undid all my work. Checked the budget screen again and I am still in the red.  Damn I have just screwed up three months of budgeting somehow...

Then light bulb moment, I went back to January 2019 last year and there they are sitting pretty probably having a beet at my expense... *sigh* So maybe a feature request YNAB, could we get the option to lock periods to prevent this from happening?

Anyway just thought I would share my n00b mistake. Not sure if this was the correct section to dump it though. Need a casual section to share funny stories like this...

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  • Ah! Sorry for the scare there, Rowen !

    Transaction hide and go seek isn't fun, especially when they have a year's worth of space to hide in. ;)

    Currently, if you try to delete a reconciled transaction in the web app, there's a warning that shows up (letting you know that deleting a reconciled transaction may ruin your reconciliation). However, there isn't a warning when entering new transaction into a reconciled period.

    You can let our Product Team know you'd like to see that option by submitting a Feature Request. :)

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