Monthly Budget and Upcoming Transactions

I do my budgeting for  every month and I get paid twice a month. In the old YNAB4,  I  scheduled all my upcoming transactions and everything would could against the running balance for the month. At any point I knew how much money I would have at the end of the month. Now if I want to have a preview of my month, I need to enter the transaction with the current date because scheduled transactions does not count against the budget. 

It seems like part of this was because in YNBA4 the income transactions were allocated to the budget in a month. In this new version all transactions get into a rolling income stream. 


Does anyone know a way around this or a setting that can be changed ? 


Thank you, 


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  • In the account page, choose `view` then check the `running balance` box

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  • Still have to Enter Now with the incorrect (today's) date if you want the category balance to be affected.

    For this reason, some will separate discretionary spending from scheduled spending in different categories. (E.g., Amazon Pantry vs Groceries).

    Pick your poison.

  • Thanks dakinemaui, I appreciate your help and uderstand your suggestion, however I still don't see how that could allow me to see my overall budget. It sounds to be that the YNAB  got something that was working just fine and manage it to break it. Maybe is time for me to look back at Quicken 🤨

  • Hi MD Blue Device ! Scheduled Transactions are handled differently in the current version of YNAB. You can check out the Transition Guide for more details on what's changed. 🙂

    Future-dated transactions will appear in gray and sit at the top of your register. Since they’re in the future, they won’t affect your budget until that future date arrives. When it does, they'll automatically appear in bold, as normal transactions—waiting for your approval.

    When you select the category, you'll see your Upcoming Transactions in the Inspector (right blue column) and the amount you'll have left after. If you haven't budgeted enough, you’ll see a yellow alert.

    The Scheduled Transactions doc has more information on that, plus screenshots of how it looks in your budget! Let me know if you have any questions.

  • With the new running balance, you can see what your balance will be after the upcoming transactions. You can also see the effect of upcoming transactions on a category by looking at the inspector. 

    It's not as clean as entering upcoming transactions, but if you hang around here awhile, or even better, make the jump to Facebook or Reddit, it will be easier to see why they cut off this ability. The average person who easily made sense of YNAB 4 and loved it likely already had a good deal of common sense about money handling, and the average person, i.e., the market they are trying to tap, does not have much of that common sense. 

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