Is YNAB down?

When I go to all that shows up on my screen is this -  {"error":{"id":request_blocked","message":"Request blocked"}}

This is driving me crazy.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Any ideas on what is wrong?

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  • Everything is ok now.  Apparently, I was trying to log in too many times.  From this forum and on the YNAB site at the same time.  

    • Cornflower Blue Piano Thank you for posting the cause! I double-checked for outages just to make sure and didn't see any today. If there are too many log in attempts it should tell you the account is temporarily locked and let you try again after some time has passed. 

  • It didn't tell me that the account was temporarily locked.  It just gave me the error message, mentioned in the original post, when I clicked on any login link.  So, that notification of being locked needs to be fixed.

  • I’m getting the same error since yesterday. How long did it take before it let you back in?

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    • Hi Alice Blue Falcon ! We've recently put more stringent checks in place for security reasons, and it sounds like those precautions are blocking your login. Would you mind reaching out to us at [email protected]? We're happy to get to the bottom of this!

  • Sorry you hit this!  We'll soon be rolling out a better page and better guidance for this situation so that it will be more helpful.

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      • Vita, epulum! Famescenti tamen plurimi miseri!
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      Brady This was a royal mess. Still is for me. I am upset about it. You basically shot yourself and many of us in the feet with this...

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  • I’m unable to use the app.   

  • At a minimum your status page should reflect that this is an issue. I'm very disappointed in the way this has been handled. YNAB was working fine for me at noon today. It's completely down for me now. You don't advertise your support email well enough, so I had no idea it existed.  You didn't do enough testing before implementing this security measure.  And now, I don't have any idea when I'll be able to access my budget.. Or if the changes I made at noon - adding a significant income transaction - were even accepted. Very frustrating. 


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    • Hi Karl! rolltide 

      The temporary outage experienced tonight was unrelated to the log in measures mentioned above. The site is back up and running now and we'll share more information on the outage once we know more. :)

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  • Also can't login right now. Odd because I was able to login barely 3 hours ago without any problems at all. Timetable to get back in business??

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  • Hi all,

    Everything should be back up and running now! :)

  • Can I get a month free for the inconvenience of that happening during my daily resync/monthly bill pay? 



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    • Hi Cyan Saxophone !

      For requests concerning your current subscription, please write in to us through the YNAB app. We can help you better there! :)

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