money in checking and negative balance in budget!

I have a positive balance in my checking account, but my budget for the month is showing a negative balance! help!!!!  i am about to cancel my subscription because have never been so frustrated!!!!!

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  • Okay, so you have assigned more dollars into categories than you have available right now. What you're describing is completely natural. If I only have $900 to my name and I budget $500 for rent and $500 for groceries, my TBB is going to be negative, because I've budgeted more money than is available.

    The question is, how did your budget get that way? Did you have overspending last month that you didn't cover?

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  • Hi Orchid Hammerhead !

    I hope you didn't throw in the towel! YNAB is a bit different from budgeting software you may have tried in the past. Instead of entering your monthly income and expenses, you'll use your account balance and budget that amount, like bevocat said.

    Have you seen our Ultimate Get Started Guide? It's designed to get you up to speed in about 20 minutes. Check it out and let me know if you have questions along the way!

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