I Don't Think I Am Smart Enough

to budget with either my phone or tablet. So this month I tried budgeting on my tablet. Total failure, categories that were supposed to have $75 in them, had $225, others had weird amounts and trying to move money around just made it worse and worse. Finally went to the desktop. 

Thought there was a workshop on using the mobile apps, but could not find it. So I was wondering if there is a "Dummies" version somewhere?

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    Are you sure you have the same budget open on your tablet that you have on your desktop? A couple of times in the past, my phone app opened an old budget. I had to find the correct one and re-sync.

  • I will double check, but almost positive it does. Have used the same one for 6 months now and have been into it from both the tablet and phone. 

  • Are you looking at the same month on tablet and desktop?

  • Check tablet and phone, everything was same budget and same month. 

    • Hi Ruff16965 (05bd62cee897) !

      If you look at the mobile app and the web app now, does everything match up between the two? If so, any changes you make in one should automatically show on the other. 

      We do have our Mobile Quick Tips collection that goes over how the mobile app works. :)

  • I admit that I gave up trying to do anything beyond adding a simple receipt on my phone when I realized I'd accidentally changed all sorts of things and had no idea what I'd done.  Plus things inevitably end up green (inflow) when they should in red (outflow) or vice versa. 

    But I'm a fossil and prefer the laptop to my phone for basically anything more than scrolling my newsfeed or checking my lists at the grocery store.  YMMV - more power to you if you can make the app work for you! 

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  • The mobile app keeps getting more features and becomes ever easier to use, but it's still kinda cramped and confusing to use due to the small screen, IMO.

    If any numbers shown in the app are wrong and you're viewing the same budget, then pull down in any screen to do a refresh (or whatever it's called).

    I used to see wrong numbers in the app quite often, but I don't anymore unless I use desktop and phone at the same time to provoke the issue. Could be because I activated the App Lock feature which kicks in when I've been away for a while?  I'm not sure.

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