Budgeting & income reporting questions

My husband and I are new to YNAB and are coming from using Quicken for tracking but not budgeting. In Quicken we categorized income (salaries, other taxable, and non-taxable).  I have not found a way to group income. Is it possible? In the Inc/Exp report we can view all income sources, but that doesn't really do what we want.

Also, is there a way to see when money was budgeted to a category or moved from one category to another? It would be nice to be able to see when WAM happened or when / how much over a goal was budgeted.


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  • The answers to your questions are both no. YNAB is an allocation budgeting program, not really a personal finance program. Income categories have no bearing on how you budget (it's all one big pot of money) so it's not something that is tracked/reported.  You can add a keyword in the memo and search on that in a given year if you need it for tax reporting, but otherwise I would track it externally. I use spreadsheets for anything needed for tax purposes.

    As for budget changes, if you really need to you can leave yourself notes. Your current category balances are what they are, and the road to how you got there doesn't change that fact.

  • Hi Pezimaniac !

    The Income vs. Expense report groups income sources based on Payee. If you create a Job 1 Salary payee, all income from that job will be grouped together in the report. However, other taxable and non-taxable income may come from varying sources, so the Memo section may be better at keeping those notes. 

    As Nolesrule mentioned, the category notes section can be used for keeping track of other information. :)

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