Feature Request - Skip 1 instance of a recurring transaction

YNAB should have the option of skipping 1 instance of a recurring transaction. Lets say I want to pay 25.00 per month to My Credit Card and I set up a recurring transaction. Lets say it is paid off after a few payments, but I want to keep the date due as a recurring transaction because I may want to use it again. Right now, the work around is to enter the transaction and then delete it, would be nice if we could just "skip this payment" and YNAB deletes it but saves future recurring as is.

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  • You can also edit the scheduled with the new date.  If you know you won't be needing it for a while, you could even change the date to far in the future (a few months or a year) so that it doesn't clutter up your scheduled transactions.

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  • I have my monthly transfer to cc set with a blank payment amount. It pops into the register, and I revise the amount to the actual payment needed to pay the balance in full, or, if I don't need it this month, I delete it. Other times, I revise the date on the scheduled transfer to change it to next month. The skip option is a feature in YNAB4, and I used it for a few recurring expenses that typically occur every month...until they don't. It is/was useful.

  • The only problem with changing the date on a recurring is it changes the whole series, lets say something is due on the 22nd every month, but, this month i have to pay it late for some reason, like say the 27th. By changing the date to the 27th, it then updates all recurring transactions after to the 27th, when I only want to apply it this one time. I can enter the transaction and then change the date, but would be easier just to apply changes or delete an instance  to one in the series of recurring. It's not very intuitive the way it is set up now, when  you are depending on ynab to keep track of recurring payments and there is a huge chance a date will get messed up on the whole series instead of one time and you miss a payment date and incur fees. 

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  • YNAB4 has that feature. I use it frequently.

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      nolesrule  Awesome. I wish they would add it back 

  • Hey  Scott W that's a great suggestion. We're working on some features that we'd like to bring back, so I'll let the team know this one is important to you! 

    Keep the feedback coming! It helps us know what's important. 

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  • This is a great request since some months I’ll skip things like subscriptions that I pause for a month or two. I also hate that the date changes on recurring bills one I pay one early. Such a pain to find that bill and put the date back.

  • It only takes about six seconds to say "enter now" and then delete this occurrence, which leaves the next scheduled transaction in place. Typing out this reply took far longer.

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