Credit Card Refund Issue

I don't normally have issues with my budget, but tonight I noticed something odd that appears to have occurred during the month rollover that I didn't see until now.


I made a budgeted Amazon purchase (that was multiple items, but all from the same category) back in December. That amount went to the credit card payment category, as it should. Over the rest of December, January and February, I made purchases and payments towards this credit card and other credit cards without issues. Come end of February, one of the items that was part of the December purchase had issues and the seller agreed to refund the purchase of the item. The refund came through on the last day of February. I categorized this as a refund to the same category from which the original purchase came from. I then took that refunded amount out of the category and budgeted it elsewhere. All appeared well in the budget and with the credit card payment categories for all cards.


As of tonight, I noticed that three of my credit cards payment categories are not correct (one of these cards is the one with the refund). First, the payment category for the credit card with the refund is showing that I have more available to pay with than what it should actually be towards that card (by the amount of the refund). Second, the other two credit cards are showing that I have less available to pay with than what it should actually be towards them, each with a varying amount that is less, but if you add both of the varying amounts it equals the refund.


From doing testing with this refund amount on the last day of February and making any changes only in February, I have found that if I take the refund amount that I had re-budgeted elsewhere and put it back in the original category that I categorized the refund to, everything goes back to normal, but I have to leave the refund amount in that category at least until the next month (March), but I want to be able to budget that in other categories. I have also tested by changing the date of the refund to beginning of March and can then move the refund amount from original category to others without affecting the credit card payment categories.


This is odd in that I have done refunds like this in the past where the refund is months after the original transaction and I was able to move the refund amount from the original category to other categories without things getting messed up.


I know I could just do the date change for the refund from February to March and be done with it, but something tells me something else is going on and I would prefer my budget to reflect reality and show accurate dates and amounts.


Any thoughts/suggestions?

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  • PNUTMnM said:
    if I take the refund amount that I had re-budgeted elsewhere and put it back in the original category that I categorized the refund to, everything goes back to normal

    There is a bug in YNAB where inflows can mask overspending when multiple cards are used within the same category, and the payment categories become confused. What I would do:

    Move the funds out of the spending category as you originally did and manually shift between the CC Payment categories.

    Basically, just shift funds to workaround this bug, making the current month categories as desired.

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  • BTW, that's a very thorough description of the problem and troubleshooting results. It's rare to see that level of detail. 馃憤

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      • PNUTMnM
      • PNUTMnM
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      dakinemaui Thank you for your input on my issue. I will go ahead and do what you suggested and what I originally did to at least get all the numbers corrected in the end.


      I wanted to be thorough as I wasn't sure if I could explain my issue properly through text, but I'm glad you could refer to what I was having issues with. 馃槃

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