Why is Credit Card Available Yellow/ Orange instead of Green

In the budget, my credit card available has three different colors -green, grey, and a yellow or orange.  The green I understand because the amount available is the same as the balance for the account.  The grey I understand because the available is 0 and the account balance is 0.  The yellow /orange available is more than the account balance.  All credit card accounts, including these, are reconciled with the credit card issuer. Why would the cc available for an account be greater than the account balance?  In prior months these have all been green.  thanks in advance

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  • If you are using the Toolkit and have the pay In Full Assist feature on, it means that your payment available is not equal to your card balance. If you aren't using the toolkit, it means you are short of a goal or have an upcoming credit card payment in the scheduler that's larger than the payment available.


    As for why the payment amount is different, see the following list:

    • starting balance on a paid-in-full card - category is lower
    • overspending - category is lower
    • uncategorized transactions - category is lower
    • outgoing transfers to other on-budget accounts (e.g., gift card account, mixed funding splits) - category is lower
    • purchase/cash-back rewards (should be categorized to TBB) - category is higher
    • categorizing item returns as TBB (should use the original spending category instead) - category is higher
    • reconciliation adjustment - category is lower for an outflow adjustment, higher for an inflow adjustment
    • taking the account balance positive - category should be $0 in this case
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  • Thanks.  I am using the Toolkit and I did have the Paid in Full Credit Card Assist turned on.  I also traced the reason to cash rewards that were not characterized to TBB.  Thanks again for the Hep

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      Satcpl Even though they are categorized to TBB you have to manually move them out of the credit card payments category.

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