Combining Goals

I have a few small annual saving goals:

  • YNAB annual fee
  • 1Password annual fee
  • Adobe annual fee (hrmm.. starting to see a trend here..)
  • Transit pass annual fee

Dealing with this is pretty straight-forward: use the Goal feature, set your target date, et voila! But... I want this to be even simpler. 😁

What if I could set a budget line called "Annual Subscriptions," into which I enter my YNAB subscription renewal date and cost, then my 1Password, etc., and YNAB mathematically automagically just figures it out! and poof! sets the goal for a single budget line: "Budget $xx to be on-track!"

Whaddya think?



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  • Hi there!
    Interesting idea! I just forwarded your feedback to our Design Team. They collect it—every last bit of it—in a database. Just about every day, they go through all of it and code it, asking questions like Where is this person in their budgeting journey? What problem are they wanting to solve? Then, in regular research cycles they analyze all this collected feedback to plan for what's next in YNAB. 

    All of which is to say: Even though this isn't specific feedback on your feedback (!), and you may not hear back from us again, your feedback is important, and it's in the very best hands.

    Also, we're still formulating a feedback/feature request process for the forum. In the meantime, feel free to send any feature requests to [email protected] ! :)

  • I love this idea! I have a couple categories like that where I have to make different withdrawals at different times of the year and I’m forever adding up how much I need, when the different fees are due (mine are membership/registration fees for conferences), what month it is now... 

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    Have you tried setting up a category group with all these expenses?  That is what I do.  I have a category group called Annual Expenses. Every month I simply fund the category group.  As one comes due I check to make sure I have enough, pay it, & budget for next year.  I'm all set.  

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  • I would love to see something like this.  I also have a couple of budget categories that catch multiple annual expenses (e.g. "Subscriptions" that has YNAB, ESET, and Office 365 etc.)

    This is probably not the best way to do it, but priorities, right?  I tend to set this category goal to an amount slightly higher than the largest of these expenses instead of setting the goal at the sum of all the expenses.  This allows me to budget/use funds for other things, or to WAM, or whatever other thing it needs to do, but doesn't totally deplete the category when I pay the largest.  It doesn't really need to be that large all the time.  It just needs to be the right amount in the right month.

  • The linear programming to achieve multiple goals which occur at different times, is not simple.

    I have done it in Excel, and even shared it with one of the YNAB4 developers at the time even before there were goals ( I miss RodeoClown)  

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